Born: 1816

Died: 1894

Source: Chaplains in the HEICS 1836-58 (Rev Frank Perry, The Church In Madras 1904)

Biography: ALURED HENRY ALCOCK was born at Bath in 1816. He was a Fellow Commoner at Trinity College, Dublin, and graduated 1842. He was ordained deacon by the Archbishop of Dublin the same year and priest in 1843. He was appointed a Chaplain by the East India Company in 1845. He served at Bellary, Fort St. George, and Ootacamund. He was not able to endure the severity of the climate and retired after about fifteen years service. On his retirement he became in succession Curate of Booters Town, Dublin, and Chaplain of the Mageough Home. In later years he took up his abode in London, where he died in 1894. He was a member of the C.M.S. corresponding committee from 1854 to 1860, and was one of the originators of the Colonial Church Society in the diocese. He was generally regarded as the leader of the Evangelical party of the period.