Born: 1817

Died: 1898

Source: Chaplains in the HEICS 1836-58 (Rev Frank Perry, The Church In Madras 1904)

Biography: RICHARD FIRTH was the son of Richard Firth, of Hampstead. He was born in 1817; graduated B.A. from New College, Oxford, in 1839, and proceeded M.A. in 1849. He was ordained deacon in 1842, and priest in 1843, at Norwich. He was Curate of Blakeney, Norfolk, 1842-45; Christ Church, Hampstead, 1845-47; and of Harrow-on- the-Hill, 1847-49. In 1849 he was appointed a Company's Chaplain. He served at Poona- mallee, 1850-52; Black Town, 1852-58; Secunderabad, 1858-59; Trevandrum, 1861-68; and Aurangabad, 1868-69. Upon his retirement from the service he became Vicar of Widdrington, in Northumberland. After seventeen years, he gave up active work in 1887, and lived at Great Barford in Bedfordshire till 1896, when he moved to the warmer climate of Ashford, in Devonshire. Here he died in 1898. In Madras he took a prominent part in the building of the Holy Emmanuel Church in Black Town. He was on the diocesan committees of the Colonial Church Society, the Additional Clergy Society, and the S.P.G. He was the author of a series of tracts called Handbills for the Times, in 1848, and a Lad's Prayer Manual, 1850; he edited the Madras Christian Intelligencer, 1854-58, translated the Psalms from the Hebrew in 1869, and published a book of Family Prayers in 1871.