Born: 1816

Died: 1895

Source: Chaplains in the HEICS 1836-58 (Rev Frank Perry, The Church In Madras 1904)

Biography: JOHN TYRWHITT DAVY KIDD was the son of the Rev. Thomas Kidd, Vicar of Croxton, in Norfolk. He was born in 1816; was a Scholar of St. John's College, Oxford, whence he graduated B.A. in 1886. He was ordained deacon in 1839 at Chichester, and priest in 1840 at Norwich. His first curacy was at Wednes- bury. From 1846-49 he was Rector of St. Paul's School Calcutta. From 1849-54 he was Chaplain and Secretary of the Bengal Military Orphan School. On the recommendation of Bishop Wilson, of Calcutta, he was appointed a Chaplain by the Directors in 1854, and was sent to Madras. He served at Vepery, 1854-60 and 1862-66; Tranquebar, 1866-67; Wellington, 1867-69; Cuddalore, 1869-72; Vizagapatam, 1872-74; Bangalore, 1874-75. Upon his retiremen the became Curate- in- charge of Fingest 1877-79, and Vicar of Embsay, in Yorkshire, 1879-85. He then retired from active work and died at Beddington in 1895.