Born: c1800

Died: 1881

Source: SPG Missionary (Rev Frank Perry, The Church In Madras 1904), Register of LMS Missionaries, SOAS

Biography: WILLIAM TAYLOR was born and bred in Madras, and partly educated in England at LMS college at Gosport. recommended by William Charles Loveless. Ordained in Liverpool on 13 August 1823. appointed to Madras, arriving n 25 May 1824. He worked under the London Missionary Society from 1823 as missionary in charge of Mission Chapel, Muktathal St, Vepery. He resigned the LMS on 14 November 1824 joining the SPG and in 1837 was ordained deacon by the Bishop of Madras. He was ordained priest in 1839. He was stationed at Vepery from 1837 to 1845, when his connection with the Society ceased. During this period he compiled a History of the First Centenary of the Vepery Mission, 1726-1826, In 1845 he was summoned to Bishop Dealtrys Visitation at St. Georges Cathedral; and in 1854 was licensed to officiate at St. Stephens, Vallaveram. There he remained till 1867, when he returned to Madras and gave clerical assistance where it was required until 1878, when he retired from active work. He died in 1881