Born: 1814

Died: 1891

Source: SPG Missionary (Rev Frank Perry, The Church In Madras 1904)

Biography: ROBERT CALDWELL was born May 7 1814 near Belfast. He was a graduate of Glasgow University before he offered his services to the London Missionary Society in 1838, at the age of twenty-four. He worked under this Society for two years in Madras, and then came under the attractive influence of Bishop Spencer. He was ordained deacon in 1841, and priest in 1842, by that Bishop. After his ordination he settled down at Edyengoody, and remained there for forty-two years. During this period he not only pressed forward his evangelistic work by preaching, teaching, building Churches and schools, and training catechists and clergymen, but he made such an exhaustive study of the Dravidian language and history that his published works brought him a world-wide fame. He was created an LL.D. by his own University, and an honorary D.D. by the University of Durham. In 1877 he was consecrated Assistant Bishop in the diocese of Madras to help in the govern ment of the Church in the District of Tinnevelly. He resigned this post of honour and usefulness in 1891, and died at Kodaikanal soon afterwards. During the fifty years of his residence in the South of India, Christianity made immense strides in the Tinnevelly District. It was not all due to his work and influence. He had many fellow-labourers both in the S.P.G. and the C.M.S.; but he was privileged to take a notable part in all that was done to advance the Kingdom of God in his neighbourhood.