Born: 1819

Died: >1878

Source: SPG Missionary (Rev Frank Perry, The Church In Madras 1904)

Biography: EBENEZER STIBBS WILSHERE was born at Greenwich in 1819. He matriculated at Worcester College, Oxford, in 1840, but left without taking a degree. He was ordained deacon by the Bishop of Madras in 1842, and worked at Negapatam, Comba- conum, and Boodaloor. He had a difficulty in learning the language, and was therefore transferred to the Cape in 1848 for English work. He was ordained priest by the Bishop of Cape Town in the same year, and stationed at Fort Beaufort, where he remained till 1855. When stationed at Negapatam in 1844, Wilshere conveyed to the Bishop, in trust for the benefit of the local mission, a house which was henceforth until 1906 known as the Church House. The deed of conveyance says : I make over this property to this religious use in order that I may by this humble token testify my grateful remem brance of a distinguished clergyman of Oxford University, the present Regius Professor of Hebrew, to whom I am under grateful obligation for numerous kindnesses shown to me while at that University and while privileged with residence under his roof. The Regius Professor was Edward Bouvene Pusey, and the house at Negapatam is now called Pusey House. The deed of conveyance was held for safe custody by Messrs. Arbuthnot and Co. till 1906, when it was returned to the Bishop by the Official Assignee. Wilshere was Chaplain of Freiburg, 1867-71, and held curacies in England between 1871 and 1878.