Born: c1828

Died: 1892

Source: SPG Missionary (Rev Frank Perry, The Church In Madras 1904)

Biography: THOMAS PHILIP ADOLPHUS was a Eurasian trained as a Catechist at the Sawyerpuram Seminary, and later at the Diocesan Institution at Sullivan's Gardens, Madras. He was ordained deacon in 1848, and priest in 1851, by the Bishop of Madras. He was appointed in 1848 one of the teachers at the Sawyerpuram Seminary; and afterwards worked at Tanjore. In 1854 his connection with the S.P.G. ceased for a time in consequence of his refusal to submit any reports of his work to the diocesan committee. He then became Head Master of the Trichinopoly Vestry School to the great advantage of the School. In 1865 he was again employed by the Society on the recommendation of Bishop Gell, and placed in charge of the European and Eurasian congregation at the Trichinopoly Fort under the Chaplain of the station. This appointment he retained till 1881 when he was pensioned. He died in 1892.