Born: c1835

Died: 1894

Source: SPG Missionary (Rev Frank Perry, The Church In Madras 1904)

Biography: JAMES SELLER was born in London. He was a Theological Associate of King's College, London. He was accepted by the S.P.G. in 1856; he was ordained deacon in 1857, and priest in 1859, by the Bishop of Madras. He worked at Edyengoody under Dr. Caldwell, 1857-59; at Moodaloor, 1859-64; and in the Tanjore District, 1864-67. He then returned home. He became Curate-in-charge of Binbroke, Lincoln, 1870-82, and Curate-in-charge of Thoresby, Lincoln, 1882. He retired from active work and died at Ash. in Kent, in 1894.