Details of JOHN THOMAS

Born: 1807

Died: 1870

Source: CMS Missionaries (Rev Frank Perry, The Church In Madras 1904)

Biography: JOHN THOMAS was born in Wales in 1807. He was at the C.M. College, Islington, 1833-35; was ordained deacon by the Bishop of London in 1835, and priest in 1836 by the Bishop of Gloucester, and went at once to Tinnevelly, where he was stationed at Mengnanapuram.He died at Mengnanapuram in 1870 after 34 years service. His widow and unmarried daughter survived him and carried on mission work as managers of the Elliot-Tuxford Girls school for many years. His other daughter married a C.M.S. missionary, Ashton Dibb; one son followed in his steps as a missionary; and two others were in the service of the Madras Government. The missionary cause prospered greatly under his able guidance.