Born: 1819

Died: 1878

Source: CMS Missionaries (Rev Frank Perry, The Church In Madras 1904)

Biography: HENRY BAKER (JUNIOR) whose mother was a Hohlhoff, 1 was born at Tanjore in 1819. He was sent to England for his education, and entered the C.M. College, Islington, in 1839. He was ordained deacon in 1842 by the Bishop of London, and priest 1843 by the Bishop of Ripon. In that year he returned to Travancore, where his father and mother and sisters were working. His special work was the commencement of evangelistic effort among the Travancore hill tribes. He was on the Revision Committee of the Malayalim Bible; and was the author of A Commentary on St. Matthew's Gospel in the Malayalim language. He died at Madras in 1878, after thirty-five years service.