Details of DAVID FENN

Born: 1826

Died: 1878

Source: CMS Missionaries (Rev Frank Perry, The Church In Madras 1904)

Biography: DAVID FENN was a son of the Rev. Joseph Fenn; he was born at Cottayam in 1826. He graduated B.A. from Trinity College, Cambridge, in double honours Senior Optime and second class Classics in 1849. He was ordained deacon in 1849, and priest in 1850, by the Bishop of London. He was Curate of St. Paul's, Covent Garden, from 1849 till 1852, when he went to Madras. With Ragland and Meadows he founded the North Tinnevelly mission. When on leave to Mauritius, in 1854, he founded the C.M.S. mission in that island. In 1867 he was in charge for a year of the Tamil Cooly mission in Ceylon. On his return to India he did evangelistic work in Madras till 1873, when he became joint secretary of the Corresponding Committee. He did good service on the committee for the revision of the Tamil Prayer Book, and was nominated a Fellow of Madras University whilst this work was going on. He died at Madras in 1878; his remains rest by the side of those of Henry Baker, Junior, in the Cathedral burial ground; their fathers went together to Cottayam in 1817 and worked side by side for several years. .