Born: 1815

Died: 1870

Source: Clergymen who where neither Chaplins nor Missionaries (Rev Frank Perry, The Church In Madras 1904)

Biography: EDWARD HORTON was born in 1815. He was a Scholar of Worcester College, Oxford; he graduated B.A. in 1835, in first class honours, and was elected to a Fellowship the same year. He proceeded M.A. in 1838. He was ordained deacon in 1838 at Worcester, and priest at Oxford in 1839. He was appointed Head Master of the Bishop Corrie Grammar School in 1846, in succession to A. R. Symonds, and retained the appointment till 1849, when he returned to England. In 1852 he was appointed Chaplain of the Worcester County Lunatic Asylum. He held this office for eighteen years, and died in 1870.