Died: 1885

Source: Clergymen who where neither Chaplins nor Missionaries (Rev Frank Perry, The Church In Madras 1904)

Biography: SAMUEL HENRY BEAMISH graduated B.A. from Clare College, Cambridge, in 1845, and was ordained deacon in England the same year. He arrived in Madras in 1851, and was appointed by the Bishop and the Additional Clergy Society to minister to the Europeans and Eurasians at Madura. Up to that date Madura had been an S.P.G. station, one which the Society had inherited from the S.P.C.K. The Madras committee of the Society, with the approval of Bishop Dealtry, gave up the mission with its branches on the Pulney hills in 1851, and left the field open to a band of American missionaries whose work was highly praised by Bishop Spencer in his Journals. The European community who built the old Church objected to the building being handed over at the same time, and asked for the services of an ordained clergyman. Mr. Beamish retained this Incumbency till 1855, when he was appointed by the Directors a Chaplain on their Bengal establishment. On retirement he became Rector of Lamorby, where he died in 1885.