Details of WARD MAULE

Born: 1833

Died: 1913

Source: Clergymen who where neither Chaplins nor Missionaries (Rev Frank Perry, The Church In Madras 1904)

Biography: WARD MAULE was the son of John Templeman Maule, a Surgeon in the Company's Service, who was employed on the Madras establishment. He was born in 1833 at Mangalore. He was educated at Tonbridge School and Gains College, Cambridge. At both school and college he distinguished himself as an athlete. At Cambridge he obtained his University colours both for rowing and cricket in 1853. He was ordained deacon in 1856 by Bishop Harding, of Bombay, and was appointed Incumbent of Christ Church, Nagpore, by the Bishop of Madras. In 1857 he was appointed Incumbent of Christ Church, Nellore, in the same diocese. In 1859 he returned home; was ordained priest by the Archbishop of Canterbury, and was appointed a Chaplain on the Bombay establishment by the Secretary of State for India. He served at Colaba from 1859 to 1872, and at the Bombay Cathedral from 1872 to 1879. In 1870 he passed the necessary test and graduated LL.B. at Cambridge. In 1876 Trinity College, Dublin, granted him the ad eundem degrees of LL.B. and LL.D. He was Archdeacon of Bombay from 1872 to 1879. After retirement from the Indian Service he became Vicar of the Church of the Ascension, at Balham, 1880-82, and then British Chaplain at Boulogne. He died at Boulogne in 1913, aged eighty.