Died: 1859

Source: Native Clergymen (Rev Frank Perry, The Church In Madras 1904)

Biography: CHRISTIAN AROOLAPPEN was the second native clergyman in the diocese. From 1836 to 1839 he was employed as a Catechist by the Rev. H. Cotterill, Chaplain of Vepery, to minister to a congregation gathered from Egmore and Chintadrepettah, for whom the Church at Vepery was too far off for use. On the recommendation of Cotterill, he was ordained deacon in 1839 by Bishop Spencer, and was placed in charge of the new Church, St. John's, Egmore, under Cotterill. He was not then connected with any mission society. His stipend was paid by Cotterill, who raised it from his European con gregation at Vepery and from other friends in Madras. Cotterill retired from the Service in 1845, and Aroolappen was then attached to the S.P.G. and made Incumbent of St. John's, with full responsibility. He remained Incumbent till his retirement, owing to ill-health, in 1858. He was ordained priest by Bishop Dealtry in 1850. In the year 1851 he was appointed assistant secretary of the local S.P.C.K. Committee, and his connection with the S.P.G. ceased. He died in 1859.