Born: 1787

Died: 1857

Source: The Life of Rev. Richard Knill of St Petersburgh, Charles Birrell (1860), Couriers of Christ, Pioneers of hte LMS, JC Harris (1931)

Biography: He was born on 17 April 1787 at Braunton, Devon. He sailed from England on 20th April 1816, on the Earl of Moira with Hough and Winters of the CMS, Randall of the Baptist Missionary Society and Townley and Keith (for Calcutta), Reader (for Travancore), Reeve (for Bellary) all of the London Missionary Society. His biography states that he departed Madras in 1819 for Ceylon and enventually Russia. On his way to Ceylon he stopped at Nagercoil to work with Charles Mead and is recorded in Couriers of Christ by JC Harris as being "eccentric, but with a magnetic personality".

The list of chaplains in the LMS chapel on Davidson St states that he was the second priest in charge of the London Mission Church in Davidson St from 1825-1826, this must be an error.