Details of JOHN HAY

Born: 1812

Died: 1891

Source: Register of LMS Missionaries, SOAS

Biography: Born April 23 1812, Stuartfield nr Aberdeen. Church Minister Stuartfield 1835, studied at Aberdeen. Appointed to Vizagapatum, ordained 1 August 1839 at Newport Pagnell. Sailed 24 August 1839, Madras January 7th 1840 and Vizagapatum 1 February 1840. He was in England from 1843 to May 1844, arriving back in Vizagapatum on July 19 1844. He established the Central English and Vernacular School in Vizagapatum in the same year. With Wardlaw he worked on a translations of he Bible into Telegu. He was in Engladn 1869-72. In June 1882 he retired from the LMS and died in madras October 28th 1891.