Born: 1839

Died: 1932


Biography: Church of England, orientalist; b. at Wantage (14 m. s.w. of Oxford) Jan. 24, 1839. He finished his education at the Church Missionary College, London, 1862, and was fellow of Madras University, 1874; was made deacon in 1862, and priest, 1867; was principal of the Harris High School for Mohammedans, Madras, India, 1865-81; became secretary of the Church Missionary Society for the dioceses of Madras and Travancore, 1881; examining chaplain to the bishop of Madras, 1899; and canon of St. George's Cathedral, Madras. He is one of the chief authorities on Mohammedanism, and in this interest has written The Faith of Islam (London, 1880, 3d ed., 1907); The Historical Development of the Qur'an (1897; 2d ed., 1909); Essays on Islam (1901); Islam: its Rise and Progress (1907); The Religious Orders of Islam (1908); The Khulafa'r-Rashidun (1909); The Cult of Ali (1909); The Battles of Badr and Uhud (1909); Al-Qur'an (1909); Sufiism (1910); The Druaes (1910); Ghazwas and Siriyaa (1911)