Details of ROGER OWEN

Born: 1767

Died: 1796

Source: Chaplains in the Jurisdiction of the Presidency of Fort St George from 1647 to 1805 (Rev Frank Perry, The Church In Madras 1904)

Biography: ROGER OWEN was born in 1767; he was the son of Ellis Owen of Bridgenorth in the county of Shropshire, gent. He matriculated at Wadham College Oxford, in 1784; graduated B.A. 1788, and M.A. 1790. Like his immediate predecessors lie was a Naval Chaplain, whose services were gladly made use of by the Madras Government. An entry in the Trichinopoly Burial register of 1799 shows that he was with the 1st battalion of European Infantry at Poonamallee in 1794. He went with the battalion to Pondicherry, and remained with it for nearly two years. Owing to ill health he resigned his appointment and returned to his ship. He died on the voyage home on the 13th Sept. 1796, and was buried at sea.