O'Hara Family Tree

Evelyn Doris O'Hara

Person Chart


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
George O'Hara 25 SEP 1820 Anne Eveline Dawes 18 FEB 1853


Partner Date of Birth Children
Robert Edward Delo 1901
George William Newell 1884 Emily Doris Newell

Person Events

Event Type Date Place Description
Birth 1 AUG 1890 Bangalore, Bangalore, India
Christening 30 AUG 1890 St Andrews Church, Bangalore, India
Marriage 27 JUN 1910 St John's Church, Bangalore, India Y
Marriage 15 MAR 1930 Bangalore, Bangalore, India
Other Event APR 1933 Taking Peter Alan O'Hara to England after the death of his father Joseph Lawrence in 1932
Adult baptism 14 AUG 1936 Egmore, Madras, India
Death 7 MAR 1954


They would have divorced, but it looks like to went to to remarry, although her marriage to Robert Delo is transcribed as her being divorced, whether this was true or not is a different matter.