Descendants of Lawrence O'Hara

Joseph William Lawrence O'Hara

Person Chart


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
John William Lawrence O'Hara 6 OCT 1863 Margaret Stokes Hill 27 OCT 1865


Partner Date of Birth Children
Daisy Lawrence MacKay 11 MAR 1889 Patrick Kingsley O'Hara
Peter Alan Lawrence O'Hara

Person Events

Event Type Date Place Description
Birth 11 APR 1887 Rangoon, Rangoon, Burma
Occupation 1914 Moulmein, Burma Extra Assistant Conservator of Forests
Marriage 15 JUL 1914 Union Room Chapel, Coonor, India
Military Service OCT 1917 Moulmein, Burma Private, Moulmein Volunteer Rifles
Occupation DEC 1917 Toungoo, Toungoo, Burma Extra Assistant Conservator of Forests in charge of the Revenue Range, South Toungoo
Other Event 24 DEC 1918 Toungoo, Toungoo, Burma Had horse come second in Toungoo Races
Occupation MAY 1919 Port Blair, Andaman Islands, Burma Asst. Commissioner
Other Event 29 OCT 1919 Rangoon, Rangoon, Burma Arrived on the Arunkola from Andaman Islands
Other Event 23 APR 1926 London, London, England Visit
Other Event 15 OCT 1926 Liverpool, Lancashire, England Return to Rangoon aboard the Kemmendine
Occupation 1927 Tharrawaddy and Zigon Forest Division, Burma Extra Assistant Conservator of Forests
Death 23 SEP 1932 Pyinmana, Burma
Burial 23 SEP 1932 Pyinmana, Burma
Probate 26 SEP 1933 Yamethin, Burma 19608 Rupees


Births as reported in Domestic Occurrences in the Times of India 1887 (21 April) Apr 11 at Rangoon the wife of J WM L O'Hara Accountant PW Dept of a son.

He is mentioned twice in the Indian Forester Vol 53 in 1927

February 1927 Mr JWL O'Hara EACF, who is permitted to return to duty before the expiry of the leave is posted to duty in the Tharrawaddy and Zigon Forest Division

September 1927 Prior to taking over charge of the North Arkan Forest Division to which he was posted. Mr JWL O'Hara EACF is attached to that Division from 24 June 1927 to the 1 July 1927 both days inclusive

Possibly had a son Lawrence who died in 1929 at 9 months old of Convulsions. in Ranchi which is in Doranda and Ranchi Province in present day Bihar see IOR/N1/517/171.

He is believed to have been killed by 'Dacoits' in the Shan States Burma