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David Edward Eugene Conwell

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Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
William Eugene Edward Conwell SEP 1785 Jane (Conwell)

Person Events

Event Type Date Place Description
Birth 1804 Cochin, Kerala, India
Occupation 1831 Madras, Madras, India Assistant Apothecary
Marriage 24 DEC 1831 Vepery Church, Madras, India Y
Place of Residence 1832 Madras, Madras, India BIrth of Elizabeth Ann
Place of Residence 1834 Madras, Madras, India Birth of David Edward
Place of Residence 1842 Kamptee, Tamil Nādu, India Birth of Ann Amelia
Place of Residence 1848 Madras, Madras, India Birth of Lucy Elizabeth
Place of Residence 1852 Secunderabad, Hyderabad, India Birth of Sarah Harriet
Place of Residence 1856 Black Town, Madras, India Birth of Felicia Charlotte
Place of Residence 1864 Calcutta, India Birth of Elizabeth Constance
Death 23 DEC 1874 Chuderghant, Hyderabad, India


From Ancestry forum (Conwell and Harper ancestry in India : Anglo Indian
Edward Eugene Conwell born 24.7.1929
Parents: James Eugene Conwell and Florence Eversley
Married Irene Harper

James Eugene Conwell born 20.1.1904
Parents: Edward Arthur Conwell and Maude Veda
Married Florence Eversley

Edward Arthur Conwell born 20.5.1874
Parents: David Ebenezer Eugene Conwell and Helen McLean
married Maude Veda

David Ebenezer Eugene Conwell born 30.5.1839
Parents: David Edward Eugene Conwell and Elizabeth O'Hara
Married: Helen Mclean

David Edward Eugene Conwell born 1804
Parents: William Eugene Conwell and Elizabeth Matilda
married Elizabeth O'Hara 1831 Vepery Church India

William Eugene Conwell born Sept 1875 Ireland
Died 18.5.1836 India
information on William obtained from www.Spuddybike.or.uk/geds/o'Hara

The connection with my friend is through Edward Arthur born to David E E Conwell and Helen McLean on 20.5.1874 his brother was David Eugene Conwell who married Alice D'Sanges in 1892 and they had a son David Eugene Conwell, whomarried
Zohe Hart, these were my friends Grandparents and she is trying to find more info about this family, also her fathers side of the family, Ashley Wright, we do not know his parents as he was adopted, but he could have been adopted byhis fathers sister, so its very confusing.