Updates to the Website - up to November 2007

Family History - O'Hara's in India

a.Re-organised the section on Lawrence to break it up and make it more readable. Added some information on Lawrence's promotion in the 52nd Regiment in 1797 and background information on the 56th Regiment (33rd and 52nd to follow) and added a log of research which hasnt come up with anything so I don't cover the same ground again

b. A highlight from the recent visit to the PRO was a letter relating to Lawrence from a William O'Hara in Limerick which might provide a link to his family possibly in Ireland. For both of these see Lawrence O'Hara

c. Added some additional information on John Lawrence, born abt 1810 on his religious views.

d. Information on migration from India to England in the 1950s.

Ongoing Background Projects

a.Madras History - Chaplains and Missionaries in Madras Presidency

b.Census 1841-1871 - A list of all people in he UK Census's born in India or Burma

Updates to Individual Records

Ada Florence O'Hara
Alan Clarence O'Hara
Alan Douglas Clarence O'Hara
Albert George William O'Hara
Alfred James O'Hara
Alfred Noel O'Hara
Amelia O'Hara
Arthur Ernest O'Hara
Beatrice Sophia O'Hara
Clarence Havelock O'Hara
Colin Hamilton O'Hara
Daniel Pepin O'Hara
Dorothy Cecelia O'Hara
Douglas Gordon O'Hara
Edward Hamilton O'Hara
Elizabeth O'Hara
Francis Assisi Lawrence 'Frank' O'Hara
Frederick Bertram Lopez
Frederick O'Hara
George O'Hara
George Richard Harper O'Hara
George Stanford O'Hara
Geraldine Mary O'Hara
Joan Mizpah O'Hara
John Basil Brass
John Basil Brass and Cecily DeCastro
John Lawrence O'Hara
John Lowis
Kathleen May O'Hara
Kathleen O'Hara
Kathleen Theresa O'Hara
Lawrence O'Hara and Mary Woodson
Louis JW O'Hara
Patrick Harold O'Hara
Randolf O'Hara
Reginald Richard Bazley O'Hara
Richard Aratoon William O'Hara
Richard Aubrey O'Hara
Richard Lawrence 'Laurie' O'Hara
Robert Arthur O'Hara
Rose Amelia O'Hara
Samuel Ernest O'Hara
Shiela Mary Carey O'Hara
Stanley Gerald O'Hara
Thomas Brass
William Stanford O'Hara