Updates to the Website - July 2008 - December 2008

Lawrence O'Hara

A couple of days at the PRO in Kew has unearthed a lot of information from the muster rolls. Most interestingly Lawrence is on leave when John Lawrence O'Hara b. 1808 is born and when Elizabeth O'Hara b. 1815 is born, which further confirms that he is their father.

Information from the muster rolls is incomplete as the muster rolls are not necessarily when his company would have been at the time, but supplemented with other information, such as the diaries of John Orrock a contemporary, we are starting to build up a more detailed picture of Lawrence, including the amount of time that he (and other's) were ill.

O'Hara's and Stuarts in India

122 updates, in the last 6 months. Mostly tidying up and details to:
Aldred, Bicknell, D'Netto, and a litle progress on Monk which has been a long time coming. Also the PRO records of migration from India to England have been recently released and this has been added. Also some information from Andrea O'Hara on Arthur Ernest O'Hara b. 1870. Most exciting for me was to get a picture of my grand-father on my mothers side, Paddie O'Hara.

Johnson and Biggs

162 updates, in the last 6 months. A bit of an assault on the Biggs and Burrowes and a start on the Johnsons, more on the Johnsons to come in the new year along with some new photo's recently received from Betty Johnson.

Other O'Hara's

75 updates, in the last 6 months. Sorted out the clan origins of the Cooper-O'Haras and the Raheen to eliminate them from 'my' O'Hara's. Also Edward O'Hara b 1767 has been eliminated as a potential relation to Lawrence

Madras History

Some tidying up on the Madras History front, and I've decided that the beginning of 2009 will be the time to finish off the potted church histories