Updates to the Website December 2008 - July 2009

Lawrence O'Hara

Completely barren in terms of progress, although I have another theory! The W. O'Hara who was searching for Lawrence is quite likely to be Walter O'Hara b. 1787. He was a freeman of Limerick in 1824 as was his brother James O'Hara in 1817. He was also the son of Robert O'Hara of Raheen. From the genealogies I have looked at Robert O'Hara of Raheen has 3 identified sons and 4 unidentified.

John O'Hara (d 1729, Town Major of Galway)
1. James O'Hara of Lenaboy (county. Galway), Mayor of Galway
�� A. James O'Hara of Lenaboy (b c1748. d November 1838, recorder of Galway)
�� � � m. (1789) Margaret Moore (d 1814, daughter of Richard Moore)
�� � � i. James O'Hara of Lenaboy (b 1796, d Dec. 1838) 
�� � � � �m. (15 April 1823) Anne Trench (d March 1870)
�� B. Robert O'Hara of Raheen
�� � �m. (Frances) Taylor
�� � �i. �John O'Hara of Raheen (probably)
�� � �ii. James O'Hara (b < 1887))
�� � �iii. Walter O'Hara (b 1887)
�� � �vi.+ 4 other sons and�
�� � �v. 5 daughters (
	     Elizabeth (b1799-1875) married Robert Gregory (b 6.10.1790 d April 1849)
	     one possibly called Anne who married�James Hardiman BURKE jnr 

Perhaps Lawrence was one of these unidentified sons?

O'Hara's and Stuarts in India

159 updates, in the last 6 months. Mostly incorporating information from cousin Tony O'Hara and general tidying up. The site seems be coming up on a number of peoples' Google searches and has led to some additional information on Dawes, the marriage of Stella Mabel O'Hara

Johnson and Biggs

350 updates, in the last 6 months. A bit of an assault on the Johnsons, getting the material from rgw census, particularly where they lived in better shape. The biggest help has been the release of the 1911 census which has helped in clear up who my grandfathers siblings, married and worked and in some cases their children. This also allowed me to follow some into their WW1 service. So I now have a good idea of the Johnsons back to then and have started to make in roads into the previous generation.
The Biggs as ever are proving to be as elusive as ever. I am still not sure where we are with Emma Hawes, none of her 3 marriages have been traceable although I have got good information on Charles Biggs' first marriage and children.

Other O'Hara's

Only 31 updates, mostly arising from being contacted by a relation of Felix O'Hara b 1890. And some further information gleaned from the Incoming Passenger's records

Madras History

I may have well decided that the beginning of 2009 will be the time to finish off the potted church histories, but its back on the todo list I'm afraid.