Updates to the Website July 2009 - January 2010

Lawrence O'Hara

A visit to Kew in the Autumn, drew some more information on his military career. It seems that he was in Mauritius for a reasonable period of time> But around a year before George was born, he was promoted to Brevet Major and put on permanent leave until the end of his military career.
As for the Irish connection, I am grateful to Aidan Kelly for pointing out my over-enthusiasm in allocating Lawrence to being a sibling of Walter of the O'Hara's of Raheen (Lawrence is far too old), but I would still like to know who the W. O'Hara was as it could still provide an avenue worth chasing.

O'Hara's and Stuarts in India

252 updates, in the last 6 months. Incorporating information from contacts with the Bartels, additional information on pretty much every family name. I have a very probably additional information on the Gouldings and although we dont have a direct link, there was only one Goulding family in the Madras area all of whom were working on the railways. I have managed to fill in quite alot of additional information on the two most eminent O'Hara's, Alfred James and William both surgeons and discovered a new family for Alfred James which popped up in the 1911 census. And I have started chipping away at the Stuarts, starting with Herbert Reginald's, career in the Indian Medical Department.

Johnson and Biggs

169 updates, in the last 6 months. A bit of an assault on the Burrowes and have managed to locate two out of three of the elusive Emma Hawes marriages. Stil cant work out the details of her marriage to Charles Biggs and also what happened to her first husband Charles Burrowes whether he died or as I seem to thing was divorced....

Other O'Hara's

No new information, but see above for Lawrence, I will need to go back and look at a few who may be potential father, brother etc afresh as the well is drying up.

Madras History

Nothing going on here at the moment.