Updates to the Website January 2010 - January 2011

Lawrence O'Hara

Following an email from Derek O'Hara in Germany which included a copy of a letter that Kathleen May O'Hara had received in 1950 from the Public Records Office, I relocated letters from Lawrence selling his commission, these were filed under the name of the person who was buying the commission, so at first I did not see them. I got them scanned in and the transcript and scans of the letters show that he was in Limerick in 1821 and as it is likely he did not return, the search moves to Ireland and more specifically Limerick.

O'Hara's and Stuarts in India

First a retraction, in the update last year I was on a wild goose chase with the Goulding family this is now corrected, and I know that Celeste has this firmly in her sights.

More than 700 updates, in the last 12 months. This has mostly been due to the LDS releasing an updated website with extensive re-indexing, and this has allowed me to fill in very many gaps particularly on deaths and from marriages and deaths on the Ancestry site

One great piece of the puzzle was being contacted by Don and Heather Freer in Perth, Heather is descended from Amelia O'Hara and also passed on a photo of her daughter Catherine Green taken about 1914. She eventually settled in Penang (now part of Malaysia), which was at least part of the explanation for information about her God Son John Lawrence going to Singapore where her first husband died.

Johnson and Biggs

4 updates, in the last 12 months. Still cant work out the details of Emma Hawes marriage to Charles Biggs and also what happened to her first husband Charles Burrowes whether he died or as I seem to thing was divorced....

Other O'Hara's

93 updates mostly been due to the LDS releasing an updated website and I've had a few very nice emails from people who have used this info in their own research.

Madras History

Nothing going on here at the moment.