Madras Churches and Priests

A database of churches and priests in Madras Presidency mostly before 1900 extracted from Frank Penny’s book and other sources

Born in India in the UK Census’ 1841-1861

A database of all those in the 1841-1861 Census’ who were born in India, Burma and a few other places.

Book Blurbs from the Man-eaters of Tsavo

The publicity text from the book has evolved of the years since its publication, it might make an interesting piece on how perceptions of the book, Africa and colonialism have changed over the last 125 years.

Deaths in the Man-eaters of Tsavo

In all 38 deaths are recorded in the book, this is a list of them, who they were and the surrounding text.

Books and articles etc about Tsavo and the Uganda Railway

There are hundreds of books that relate to the development and construction of the Uganda Railway, man-eating lions, the relationship between India and the other topics tangential and potentially interesting.